Taking a walk in the white world of the Dolomites

Taking a walk in the white world of the Dolomites

Not far from San Candido lies a hidden valley which can only be reached on foot. The “Inner Valley” is a true paradise be it summer or winter. For those who are not up to doing the whole walk there are many parking spots along the way, the last one leaving only the last 4 kilometers which can be done in an hour.

Walking the Inner Valley path

The path starts off in the midst of a pine forest on a wide track, but after a while one can choose to remain on this road or choose a narrow trail and enjoy the white silence without meeting anybody else. For this reason, the snow seems whiter here and your feet sink deep into it’s untarnished depth. The higher you climb and the less wooded the area becomes so as to admire the spectacular peaks of the Unesco Dolomites that tower over the whole valley.

When you finally reach the top you will be amazed by the sparkling white landscape which greats you. During the summer months this open plain is an emerald green pasture dotted with cows and sheep. Now it is a pristine winter wonderland and a perfect base for snow shoe hikers. The surrounding mountains seem to change color every time you look up to admire them.

Dolomites under the snow

The only man made structures in the valley are a small chapel and the large mountain hut which lies at the foot of a rock face which in summer is a popular climbing wall. The hut has a large terrace and on a sunny day one can eat outside and enjoy the breathtaking location. In summer you can reach the Three Peaks of Lavaredo from this point on a rather strenuous hike.

One of the perks of reaching a mountain hut after an invigorating hike is to enjoy a good local meal and a pint of beer. All the mountain huts of South Tyrol offer delicious typical dishes of the area, making it quite difficult to make a choice.

After a good meal to replace all lost calories, one can choose to walk back down the mountain or hire a sledge and speed down one of the best natural sledge tracks of the area.