A walk through the colours of my Dolomites

A walk through the colours of my Dolomites

They say that this area of Italy has 300 days of sunshine a year and during the beautiful days of autumn, one cannot but believe that this is truly so.

The seasons of this region are defined by their own particular color; the silvery white of winter, the multicolors of spring, the emerald green of summer and the gold of autumn. Precious colors for a precious world heritage site.

tree with a view

Walking in and around San Candido I cannot stop taking shots of all that surrounds me.

A golden tree

The famous bell towers of San Candido seen through a golden leaved curtain is an amazing spectacle.

Along the stream

Following the stream on the outskirts of town on the path to Sesto is a relaxing and inspiring stroll in any season. The gushing water and woods that accompany you, and if you raise your eyes the imposing Peaks that change color continuously cannot but leave you breathless.

red berries

The magnificent mountain lakes are a true paradise during the fall. The color of the water and  the changing vegetation make one spin around trying to find the best outlook.

Dobbiaco Lake

The Lake of Dobbiaco with it’s enlightening nature trail offers spectacular views and a wide variety of birdlife and vegetation.


One of the most photographed lakes in the world, The Braies Lake needs no introduction.


The Pearl of the Dolomites in all it’s autumn splendor. A trail winds itself around the lake so as to show off it’s beauty from any angle.


As each day passes more and more leaves fall to the ground and the golden hues turn to brown. And we wait patiently for all this to become completely white for many months ahead.