Autumn colors at Lake of Braies

Is there an ideal time to visit Lake Braies?

Lake Braies is the Pearl of the Dolomites and one of the most photographed lakes in the world. Surrounded by silver peaks and green forests, it reflects these incredible surroundings in it’s emerald green waters. But is there an ideal time to visit Lake Braies?

Short winter days

In winter the lake slowly freezes over and all is a still cold white! The sun is low and only peaks through the summits for a few hours a day. During this time the lake can be casually walked on instead of around. Ice skating is also popular here during the winter months.

The magic of spring

Maybe spring could be defined as one of the best seasons to visit the lake. mainly due to the fact that the hordes of visitors have not yet arrived and this beauty can be admired in peace and silence. The colors are starting to awaken with only a few specks of white remaining and the surroundings are magnificent.

Summer hikes

Apart from an easy walk around the lake from where it can be admired from all angles, the lake is also the starting point of easy or strenuous hikes in the mountains that surround it. One can choose to remain on lower ground or choose any direction and head up high to discover hidden pastures or rocky summits with spectacular views. Even though this is a very busy period, it’s just a matter of heading off the beaten path to reach a quite and peaceful area.

Lake Braies Dolomites

The colors of autumn

This would be the perfect time to admire the changing colors of the landscape and the water of the lake. The woods are spotted with gold and red and all these colors are reflected in the green, secret water of the lake. The weather is good and the crowds have left.

Lake Braies Dolomites in fall

So actually, there is no perfect time to visit the lake. Every season has it’s beauty and it’s secrets, as does the lake itself. The secrets of it’s legends and the secrets of it’s history.