5 great mountain lakes to visit in the Dolomites

5 great mountain lakes to visit in the Dolomites

Mountain lakes are fascinating! We think it’s because they capture the reflection of the majestic Dolomites and combines the colours of water, forests, towering mountain peaks, and green meadows into unique landscapes. We listed five lakes, our favourites to inspire your next vacation in Italy.

Misurina, the lake of legends

Lago di Misurina

The Lake of Misurina recalls at least a couple of legends, but the most famous tells the story of the spoiled and capricious girl Misurina. She was the young and only daughter of King Sorapiss. Legend has it that he was transformed into a mountain because of a tantrum of Misurina, who wanted the magic mirror of the Queen of Mount Cristallo. While King Sorapiss was being transformed into a mountain, Misurina fell down the mountain and died; he cried and his tears became two rivers that formed the Lake of Misurina.

Beyond the legends, the Lake of Misurina is stunning: it’s the largest lake of Cadore and lies at 1.754-meter above sea level and in its waters reflect some of the most important peaks of the Dolomites like Mount Cristallo and the Three Peaks.

Dobbiaco, the most beautiful

Lago di Dobbiaco

The Lake of Dobbiaco is about 10 minutes driving from our boutique hotel in San Candido and liest at 1.259 m above sea level. It’s the lake we like the most because of its peaceful atmosphere, and we often come for a walk. It is a special place for bird lovers and nature lovers who can take a walk along the nature trail built around the lake with information on the vegetation, wildlife, and geomorphology of the area.

In summer, you can rent a pedalo, while in winter you can have a ride on a sled with horses.

Braies, the most photographed

Lago di Braies

The Lake of Braies is renowned as the pearl of the Dolomites because of its unique beauty. It’s a mirror of still waters where the mountains can admire their beauty and the intense colours of the surroundings dazzle the visitors’ eye. It lies at 1.496 m above the sea level and legend has it that a treasure is hidden underneath the water.

The Lake of Braies is about 15 minutes drive from Hotel Zenana and it was the location for a famous Italian TV called Un Passo dal cielo.


Landro, the belvedere

Lago di Landro

The Lake of Landro is probably the quietest and it’s located close to Dobbiaco. It lies at  1.406 m above the sea level inside the Natural Park of the Three Peaks. The Lake of Landro offers the best panorama over the mountains because the mountains of  Cristallo reflect into its waters. In summer, it’s the best place to take a sunbath and swimming because the waters are the warmest in the area.

Schwarzsee, the black lake


The Lake of Schwarzsee is located in Austria, within the enchanting area of Innervillgraten in Osttirol. It’s one of the most stunning mountain lakes and lies at 2.455 m above sea level. From the top, you can admire the stunning panorama over the Dolomites including the Sextener Dolomites. Before reaching this lake stop by the local mountain cabin Unterstalleralm to try the local cuisine.