Five reasons to visit the Three Peaks of Lavaredo

Five reasons to visit the Three Peaks of Lavaredo

The Three Peaks, Tre Cime or Dreizinnen are found in the Italian and German speaking part of the Dolomites in Northern Italy. These mountains are the symbol of the Dolomites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here I give you 5 reasons to visit Tre Cime.

1.The most photographed

The most important reason to visit these spectacular peaks is that they are known as the most beautiful mountains in the Alps as well as being the most photographed mountains in Italy. Their sheer majesty as well as the context in which they lie is breathtaking and as close to heaven as one can get.

2. Hiking for dummies

Doing the loop is not an impossible dream! You can reach the Auronzo mountain hut by car or by bus and from there in 3 to 4 hours at a leisurely pace you can do the hike which skirts these colossal summits on all sides and presents perfect views from every angle.

3. Stop by the mountain huts

The Tre Cime are dotted with mountain huts so you can stop along the way for refreshments or a breather. For a true enthralling experience try to include the Pian di Cengia hut which is a true crows nest perched high in the pale rocks. How wonderful it must be to overnight here and enjoy the sunset and sunrise in this remote paradise. A dream I hope to fulfill someday soon!

4. Live the history of WWI

This area was a very important battleground during WWI and to this day it is a monument to the lives of the men who lost their lives in absurd and terrible conditions in the midst of this beauty. The whole area is dotted with the remains of trenches and fortifications that make one wonder how on earth they managed to reach these places with the equipment they had at that time.

5. Experience the vivid Colours of Nature

During the summer months the peaks lie in a carpet of flowers. Wherever you turn you will see flowers of all colours shooting out of the ground or pushing their way through the rocks. Leave the main path and venture off into the meadows to enjoy this sight and you will definitely meet an alpine marmot who let off a shrill whistle to announce your presence to the rest of the pack.

The whole area around the Tre Cime is connected via difficult or easy hikes which lead to incredible sights. All you need is a map and a good pair of shoes and maybe a sense of adventure to leave the high road and venture off the beaten track.