3 Cycling routes of South Tyrol you should bike!

3 Cycling routes of South Tyrol you should bike!

South Tyrol offers a vast network of cycling tracks for all levels and ages, from steep mountain passes to gentle rides through villages and fields.

1. San Candido-Lienz

One of the most popular cycling tracks in Italy is the track that allows one to cross two countries and that is the track called San Candido-Lienz as these are the two towns it connects. This route is 46km of downhill and is ideal for the whole family. It is normally done in one direction towards Lienz returning via train. The track follows the riverbank off the main road and is immersed in the green valleys which it crosses. Enjoy the many stops along the way for a snack or just to relax and enjoy the scenery. The track is tarred with bike assistance on route and when you get to Lienz you can leave your rented bike at the station and visit this quint Austrian town before getting on the train for your return journey.


The bicycle track that joins the town of Dobbiaco to Cortina is a 30km track suitable for all. It follows the old railway track that was built during WWI. A very panoramic route, it passes the scenic Dobbiaco Lake, the Landro Lake and a wonderful view of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo. Along the way you will be flanked by imposing peaks and ride through the original train tunnels and bridges. This is a dirt road which runs through dense woods where the scent of nature overwhelms and envelopes you. When you arrive in Cortina you enter a completely different world of luxury stores, bars and gourmet restaurants.

3.The Stoneman

The Stoneman trail is an incredible cycling adventure which covers 120km and 4000 meters of elevation. Along dirt and tarred roads which lead to some of the most breathtaking and scenic areas of the Dolomites, in the company of “stonemen” which mark the route. The aim of this challenging ride is to admire the surrounding mountains and valleys at your own pace in one to three days and choosing your desired route. With five checkpoints to collect your points and win the unusual Stoneman sculpture and prove you actually made it! This is a strenuous but rewarding experience.