Who is Lakshmi and how did she find her way to the Dolomites

Who is Lakshmi and how did she find her way to the Dolomites

Lakshmi is one of the most important and popular Goddesses of Hinduism and Buddhism. She is the Goddess and wealth and prosperity and all who worship her will be bestowed with these great gifts. She is worshipped in most Indian households and is especially dear to women, thus finding a perfect setting in the our “house of women” Zenana Boutique Hotel.

The Room with the Golden Light

When I decided the color for this room I had no idea that Lakshmi is represented in a golden cloak and is her complexion, representing radiance and fulfillment. At sunset this room is cloaked in a golden light which reflects onto the golden walls and furnishings.

This room is a haven of calm and serenity which are the attributes endowed to Lakshmi. Worshipping Lakshmi is not only for monetary wealth but most importantly for the abundance of inner peace.

A space for calm and reflection

The suite is divided into two large rooms; a living room with various seating areas and the large bedroom. Both rooms have a magnificent view onto the Dolomite peaks.

You will leave this room feeling full of life, for not only is this Indian deity the giver of prosperity, she is also the giver of energy. The furnishings and accessories of this room have been chosen to portray and emphasize it’s oriental atmosphere.

Creating Zenana was a huge gamble. A life-changing gamble. Leaving the sea of the Cinque Terre to the high peaks of the Dolomites. I need all the help I can get, therefore a shrine to the Goddess of fortune and prosperity was inevitable.

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