Venice in 4 experiences not to be missed

Venice in 4 experiences not to be missed

At least once a year I make a plan to visit the open air museum which is the fascinating city of Venice. Only a two hour drive from the Dolomites and into the maddening crowd! On a clear day you can actually see the majestic Pale Mountains from the lagoon.

1. Sunset in Piazza San Marco

The best time to visit St.Mark’s square is in the evening as most tourists and pigeons have abandoned the area for the day. Enjoy an aperitivo at the famous Caffe’ Florian, one of the oldest and most renowned cafes in the world. The changing colors of the majestic surroundings and the music of the small orchestra, create a hypnotic and surreal affect and make it quite difficult to leave.

2.Visit Fortuny Museum

If you can manage a visit to a museum, then the Fortuny Museum is a must. This art museum is actually more a true Venetian palazzo, where the authentic treasures are enticingly blended with various exhibitions. So many interesting things to admire; from the original Fortuny art works, textiles and lamps, an extensive library and the temporary art displays held there. The Palazzo is made up of 4 floors which are all open to the public.

More than an art museum, Fortuny Museum gives the feeling of visiting an artist’s precious home. The last floor is an open space which is sparsely furnished and has a completely different tone to the rest of the house. Once again one feels drawn back in time in this historical space.

3. The gardens of Venice

Hidden behind tall walls, between canals and streets, lie the gardens which like the canals, are an important part of this unique city. Mostly overlooked by tourists, while some of them are private, others can be visited at any time. The Giudecca Island has many beautiful gardens that can be visited and are worth the short ferry ride. One of the most beautiful gardens of Venice and housed in the Querini Stampalia Foundation and can be admired between a visit to the interesting exhibitions on show in this beautiful palazzo.

4. Shopping Mall on the Grand Canal

The Fondaco dei Tedeschi is an imposing building just off the Rialto bridge which after years of restoration has been finally opened as a luxury store with many different items on sale. The ground floor offers a coffee bar with light meals from where you can look up and admire this wonderful historical building. Head up to the roof and brave the queue for one of the most breathtaking views of Venice.

After spending some time amidst the hustle and bustle of Venice, what could be better than driving along the scenic road to visit the Unesco Dolomites in Italy. Be sure to add a couple of days to your itinerary and discover this idyllic area.