1250 anni San Candido

Happy Birthday San Candido

This year San Candido celebrates its 1250th birthday! A rich calendar of events that you shouldn’t miss to celebrate with us the foundation of Innichen.

1250 years of history

It was 769 when Tassilo III, Duke of Bavaria founded the Innchen Abbey, that was built right after the donation by the Abbot Atto von Scharnitz. The Abbey of San Candido became an important religious center of Val Pusteria, growing at the same time its role as cultural center and market city of the area. These three aspects of San Candido are still the main features of the city of Innichen, that is renowned to be the pearl of the Dolomites!

All the people of San Candido are exctied to celebrate the 1250th birthday of thei beloved city with may different events.

San Candido 1250

The events not to be missed in Innichen

As said before, this year marks an important goal for Innichen underlined by the rich calendar of events strongly related to the 1250th anniversary of San Candido. We selected some of the most representative events for you:

31st May 2019: at 6pm “Si apre il sipario” in Piazza del Magistrato concert of the band of Innichen that starts the celebrations. In this occasion the brewery Forst gives 1250 bottles of beer for free. At 9pm don’t miss “Il ritorno di Tassilo” at the Collegiata, that is going to be in impressive cantata with five voices and six instruments.

1st June 2019: from 11am to 10pm 22 “Tanti auguri San Candido!”. The day is dedicated to the official celebrations for Innichen birthday with several concerts and shows. At 4pm there is the official ceremony accompanied by the music of the band of Freising, Gemin city twinned with Innchen. Not to be missed at 10pm the lighting of the sign “1250” underneath Baranci.

2nd June 2019: from 10am to 2pm “Frisinga celebra San Candido” the city and band of Freising celebrates San Candido with live music and Bavarian food for all!

Here you can download the official list of events for 1250 San Candido celebrations!.


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Among the other events we suggest you to attend:

12th June 2019: opening of the historical itinerary of San Candido that includes 30 stops to learn more about Innichen history and where you can stamp your “passport”.

14th July 2019: from 11am don’t miss the grand parade of figures and karts to recall the main facts of San Candido. The parade will walk right in fron of our B&B in Innichen.

29th September 2019: at 4pm “Concerto 1250 anni musica sacra” starts the great concert of sacred music inside the Collegiata playing with several chorus and instruments, as well as four pipe organs.

Please check also the list of other events in San Candido in 2019, that we selected for your holidays in Italy!