Visit Dolomites: 10 pictures to fall in love with the Dolomites and book now

Visit Dolomites: 10 pictures to fall in love with the Dolomites and book now

The Dolomites are one of the most beautiful places in the world – as a matter of fact are listed a Natural World UNESCO sites. We can truly say that you don’t get bored to take pictures of these mountains nor to visit the Dolomites in every time of the year.

In this post we selected 10 pictures to inspire your next holidays to the Dolomites in Italy!

1. The Lake of Braies

Lago di Braies

This is probably the most pictured place in the Dolomites. The Lake of Braies is worth visiting in any season and any time of the day, but we reccommend to visit at sunrise or sunset.

2. The Three Peaks


Tre Cime di Lavaredo

This is one of the most famous landmarks of the Dolomites. The Three Peaks of Lavaredo are the pulsing heart of this area and are the perfect hike for you.

3. San Candido

San Candido Zenana

We love San Candido and not just because we live here. The town of San Candido is one of the most colorful and picturesque in Alta Val Pusteria, located at the feet of Mount Baranci.

4. Stiergaten and the Dolomites of Sexten

Pascolo Stiergarten

For another breathtaking view over the Dolomites we recommend to reach the Stiergarten grazing land. From there you admire the beautiful Dolomites of Sexten while watching cows and horses grazing.

5. The flowers blooming in the Fiscalina Valley

Val Fiscalina

We totally agree with whom described the Fiscalina Valley one of the most charming valleys in the world. When you walk in this little corner of the Dolomites it seems you’re walking in a fairy wood.

6. The smiley cows of Innervillgraten

Mucche a Innervillgarten

This hidden gem beyond the Austrian boundary it’s the place you want to go to take the perfect cows’ portrait. Here cows are happy to show off their best profile!

7. The Lake of Dobbiaco

Lago di Dobbiaco

We think that the Lake of Dobbiaco is the best lake in the Dolomites, more beautiful than Braies Lake. It’s the perfect place for a quiet walk and lunch overlooking the water.

8. Charming doors and windows


Most of the towns in the Dolomites are full of lovely doors and windows, as well as flowered balconies and gardens that are great to portrait.

9. Lunch with view

Italian food is always good: in the Dolomites you can add a breathtaking view over the mountains while eating some local specialties like the canederli.

10. Room with view over the Dolomites

Hotel vista Dolomiti

Last, but not least the Dolomites are the first sight in the morning when you stay at our B&B in San Candido.

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